2 min readApr 9, 2021


Self grooming or self improvement is always needed for a person.

If you will ask me why it’s always necessary then I will say that a person can person can never be perfect.but in the long run of that improvement we can surely improve.If not always then at least we will experience something new or any of our weaknesses.

Having a growth mindset is what everyone needs.

We can analysis about our growth in such a way that if we are not having calm in our lives then we should just have to change the path or the way of doing our daily works.

The way we are accepting the fate is important and at the same time our believes are also very important.

And sometimes these believes needed to be changed for innovation.

Some steps needed in life like “fake it till you make it" to bring about the positive changes.

If I am not happy with my work then I will surely skip the routine I am sticking up with because something needs to be changed and it can only be done by having a growth mindset which allows myself to bring that necessary change.

I will tell you how I improved my exam management skills and how I tackled with the problem of not solving the exam in time.

I was always having problem in time management in exams no matter how much time I had i was always short of time. So I set my wrist watch 10 minutes ahead of regular time. when I start the exam I remembered that I had changed time on watch but when I was so busy in exam I forgot about it. And as always I was at the brink of shortage of time but here when the time is over on my watch I still have 10 minutes which are enough to solve the remaining exam.

Here I just faked it till I made it.i just changed my Believe somehow about the time management and completed the task everytime I’m time.