2 min readApr 9, 2021



Our children from this generation will lead the next generation coming. Therefore it is our duty to solve their problems and teach them everything possible in the best way possible.

There are two kinds of child abuse.

1. Sexual abuse

2. Domestic abuse

In sexual abuse sometimes;

• Children don’t realize about the situation.

• Children don’t know how to respond.

• Children don’t have the confidence to react or tackle the situation.

Domestic abuse:

If children facing such sexual abuse also had faced some sort of domestic abuse they cannot easily be groomed.

If they are in such situation for a long time their decision making abilities will never grow. These kind of children feel more depressed in young age and a cycle continues in this forms.

We need solutions for such problems because victims and criminals both will be from this society and that’s how this cycle never ends.


• Proper counseling should be given to parents about such issues and relevant departments should be there for this.

• Such kind of counseling should be added in the syllabus of children.

• Every school should have a well experienced staff of counseling department who will not work in the traditional way. Instead they wil try to engage with every child and will make sure about their mental growth.

• Youngsters can work in different groups and can have sessions in schools to promote this information.

Best possible solution:

A counseling department in every school having a well trained or well experienced staff can eradicate such problems.

They should have to connect with children so that they can know the situation of every single child instead of waiting for a child who will come and will ask for help.

They will make sure that every child is mentally strong and will help in their grooming.

That’s how if those children will face any kind of domestic and sexual abuse now we hope they can tackle it in a better way.