Deadlines has always been haunting me and has always been telling me about my miscalculations and my mismanagement.But these deadlines has also been pushing me to work.

For example: I open my laptop to practice on word on any other useful software which isn’t feeling interesting then my mind will be telling me that go for some episodes of a season or a movie.

That’s how our focus goes away due to not having any interest and we delay our works and it takes more time than it should actually be taking.

Also when I try to clean my room a message pops up I go to see notification on phone and spend time on social media.Thats why we should pin point our time wasting routines and have to feel them unuseful.

That’s how I came to realize why deadlines were making me to do work at the last time. Because whenever I try to work before hand I was just wasting my time in such kind of activities which were actually making delays and now I have to focus on the main objectives and should remove such delays.





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