3 min readApr 17, 2021


Deadlines has always been haunting me and has always been telling me about my miscalculations and my mismanagement.But these deadlines has also been pushing me to work.

My parents were always been telling me that I should work properly no matter if it is my homework or any other work to do. But I was always been so neglectful and delaying the responsibility in thinking so that I can’t do this properly.But when the deadlines gets closer I was taking it serious because I had no other option.

Those deadlines were actually telling me that I am just not focusing on my strengths.I was actually trying to run away from accepting what I can do.

Ever since I changed my mind about accepting the truths of things I am getting more comfortable to do every kind of work.

Actually I was just focusing on my weakness.Its all a matter of focusing and accepting. When we’re not focusing or taking interests we are just trying to run away through different excuses.

For example: I open my laptop to practice on word on any other useful software which isn’t feeling interesting then my mind will be telling me that go for some episodes of a season or a movie.

That’s how our focus goes away due to not having any interest and we delay our works and it takes more time than it should actually be taking.

But that time is very important and after realizing it’s value we try to develop an interest in such things we don’t like which makes us competitive.

We change our perspective about such works and try to focus on it.

That’s how we utilize our time in a best way. Starting from deadlines and ending of time value that’s how the we evolve and make the things better with the passing time.

Also when I try to clean my room a message pops up I go to see notification on phone and spend time on social media.Thats why we should pin point our time wasting routines and have to feel them unuseful.

That’s how I came to realize why deadlines were making me to do work at the last time. Because whenever I try to work before hand I was just wasting my time in such kind of activities which were actually making delays and now I have to focus on the main objectives and should remove such delays.