3 min readJun 20, 2021


Every start has an ending in this world. My Journey with AMAL ACADEMY has officially ended this past week.

But this doesn’t mean that my connection has also ended here.

Everyone attended the last session in a very informal way which outsiders cannot even expect. I have this feeling because before joining this fellowship I was of the same mindset. I was thinking that this fellowship will be some kind of professional skills learning platform and we would be the employees.

But the reality was completely different. FUN ACTIVITIES were always a permanent part of every session and we got to know each other in a better way through those activities. Even if I would say that we came to know about ourselves in a better way then it wouldn’t be wrong also. Yes, that’s totally right.

This fellowship and my fellows helped me in this task which is a much needed part of everyone’s life. I came to know about my weaknesses and strengths and I’m not feeling sad for my weaknesses as this platform also gives you an urge to keep on moving with a positive mindset. And I’m working to overcome my weaknesses.

I’m more determined than ever and I can feel myself that what I actually need in my life. Everyone is in search of some kind of satisfaction. It’s different for different people and without knowing your weaknesses you can never follow the path to your satisfaction.

The reason for saying this fellowship was a bumpy ride was that I wasn’t always well prepared for every obstacle. Sometimes I felt like I didn’t know how to move on and what to do but somehow I kept on moving and our last session was an explanation to how we completed those bumpy rides.

We were happy to have so much fun with so much learning but we were also sad that we will miss that time.

We were happy that we explored ourselves but we were also sad that we have to move on without everyone in this fellowship.

We were happy that we learnt the importance of focus and determination but we were also sad that we don’t have these people to back’s up all the time.

But that’s the actual learning that if we stop nothing will stop for us. And if we will be moving, not everyone will be moving along with us.

So from here (from the last session) we are taking our flights on our ways.