2 min readApr 2, 2021


Assalam alaikum.


And this is a room which I share with my elder brother.He spend more time here compared to me as I’m a hostellite since 2017.

I have a cubical room in my hostel which I wish I can show you but I don’t have any picture or video right now.I take care of that room alone.But when I come home I share this room with my brother.

One interesting fact is that our home have only 3 rooms.And one of them is drying room lol.

So the main reason to show this room with so much destruction is to show you that how I will change it’s look in just a few minutes.

Chik chik boom.

Ta daaa

  • It’s not a big deal. Actually I do this work everytime in my hostel room.As it gives me a feel that I have achieved something and I feel relaxed.
  • After that I can focus on other things in a better way.
  • My friends would like to come in my room for some indoor game or sometime for group study.
  • “Safai nisf imaan hai.” it’s not always cleaning any dust.It is also just to put everything on their place.

Now you people tell me if it is satisfying or not!

Hope you all will be doing good till we meet next time.