3 min readJun 5, 2021


Who is Abdul wahab javed:

Assalam alaikum.My name is Abdul wahab javed, as you can see on my profile picture that I like to smile and that’s the best trait of Abdul wahab javed. No it isn’t because I also like to make people happy which is my best trait.My life is tough complex like everyone’s but it is also very easy because I had so many people in my life at every stage who helped me with my problems. That’s the benefit you get after making other people happy.

AMAL fellowship:

My AMAL Fellowship started almost 3 months ago and I just got 1 week left. Every journey has an end after it’s start. But the thing which never ends is the memories which we collected with that journey. These memories are the treasure which doesn’t go away,fades away. It just sticks with you.

Group 10 to circle 1:

I started my first week with 4 unknown people named Anna’s karim,Ayesha hanif, hasnain and Amjad Ali. I started with them in group 10 which was a temporary group for 2 weeks. Then I ended up with circle 1 with 5 new mates named Amina abid, shahzeb Ali,Mahnoor Ali,muhammad junaid and sana mazhar. Since then I have been working on my mega project with these fellows. It was an interesting experience with these fellows but I really did some injustice there. Now I have some friends in them and some are still just my mates. Sadly I didn’t make all people my friends but I always make them feel that if anytime in life they want any kind of support or help from me they can contact me. Because that’s Abdul wahab javed. And that’s how I make others happy.

AMAL fellows:

In this fellowship I came to know about many other people and make some friends other than from my group 10 and circle 1. I came to know that many of my friends are actually mutual friends. That’s the best feeling AMAL gives you through this platform.

I learnt how to make a circle in life where you can assist others in real life problems.

Activities (weakness story):

The best part of this fellowship was the activities we had done in weekend sessions and the best activity was the weakness story from our life.

I just like that activity because before that activity I never thought that I would be telling people about it and especially the people I just met a couple of weeks ago. But when I was told that I had to tell some real story from my life where I failed due to my weakness in any regard I just got numb for a while. Because I couldn’t think about anything. But that feeling just got away after sometimes and my pattern of thinking was changing. I was able to remember a story from my life. But it wasn’t just about that story. I was also thinking about different other aspects of my life where it didn’t go as planned, where I wasn’t happy because of some failures, which were the dark sides of my life, which were always haunting me in a subconscious way.

But after telling my weakness story to my fellows I was just feeling different. I was thinking differently. I felt that I was focusing on some unnecessary things in life and how I can boost my morale and confidence from those past memories. And in doing so I was making some new memories which will cheer me up with the passing time, which will tell me that life doesn’t stop, it moves on and moves on but we had to be patient and quick at the same time to get the best out of it. These memories will always be a part of my treasure.

Thank you AMAL family:

Now I don’t think that this fellowship was with a bunch of unknown people, it was a fellowship with my AMAL family of batch-181. I really want to thank this family and especially the AMAL Academy. And on top of all I really want to thank MA’AM UMMEY AIMEN AND MA’AM NAMRA AHMAD for all the support you gave me, for all the effort you brought to give me those memories , for all the kindness you showed me. Thank you ma’am AIMEN for that one on one session. Thank you ma’am namra for being a perfectionist in time. May ALLAH give you a healthy,prosperous and successful life.