2 min readJun 13, 2021


I still remember when I started my journey with Amal Academy by getting enrolled in batch-181 of fellowship. I was filled with high hopes and was eagerly waiting for many new learnings about life.

Every start has to end somewhere. Now this three months journey has come to an end. But memories and learning will remain with me. I still remember many special activities and the efforts I had to put in them.

A few days ago I saw this photo on some social media platform and suddenly the memory of an AMAL activity just clicked in my mind.

We were given a situation and some characters and we were told to perform those characters according to that situation and I played the main character’s role. The role of Mr. Saad, a former air force officer who was currently working with a private company in their training program.

“It was the situation where Mr. Saad was talking with his team members that most of their socitie’s women don’t pursue their career after completing their professional education. And Mr. Saad’s stance was clear that he wasn’t supporting those ladies. He thought that these women are just wasting their efforts and they should focus on their household work if they just want to marry and live in their house. But the female members of the team were against Mr. Saad and they had an argument over it.”

My fellows played other character’s roles and it was a fun activity with an amazing learning experience. After seeing this picture my memory of that activity refreshes in my mind. It’s such a beautiful feeling. I also have many more great experiences during this fellowship and every experience is connected with something which helps me in remembering them.

The best thing about this fellowship experience was meeting with new fellows and most of them are now good friends. They always supported me and helped me during any kind of difficulty. This is the best feeling one can ever have in this tiring world. Ummey Aimen (my program manager) and Namra Ahmad (my program assistant) both are now my mentors as they have inspired me in improving myself for the future.

Simply words cannot explain the wonderful experience I had and the memories I got during this fellowship 😃.